Now Specializing in Seniors & Families

Welcome to the new homepage for the Charmed Photography  Blog!   If you’re a prospective client, please take your time to look around at all the blog postings,  you will  find  everything from my latest photo shoots to ramblings on a myriad of subjects.


Mesquite Photographer

 Hey there! I’m Michele, thanks for stopping by!

I’m an extremely passionate soul and feel so incredibly grateful that I am able to make my passion my livelihood. It’s fantastic that our paths crossed and that you’re just as excited as I am about capturing the most important moments of your life! I do get pretty excited about photography! I totally love what I do, like a lot a lot! 

I am a self taught photographer who loves to capture a laugh, a smile, a hug and a great sunflare in camera. I have tons of ideas, some crazier than others…. I just need to find the right people to go along with them! This is where my love for Senior portraits comes from, they are usually down for my crazy ideas.

I am pretty laid back,  I hate shoes, I would rather be walking around in fuzzy socks, I love sunsets, I love Glitter and PINK is my “signature color” (spoken with a Steel Magnolias southern accent)    You never know what color my hair will be when I show up….pink, blue, black, red.
I am a Mom, Grammy, Portrait Photographer, Master Chaos Coordinator, Queen of the Glitterati, WitchyMom Spiritual Badass, Seeker of Positivity and Soccer Coach.  I believe in Karma, angels, ghosts, fairies, magic and that everything is better with glitter. My style in all aspects of my life is very whimsical and eclectic. My home is filled with knick-nacks and memories that create such a good vibe. It’s a basic necessity to have a string of fairy lights (okay, multiple) hung around the house at all times and a quilt on the end of the couch to curl up in while I’m watching either the  Hallmark channel or scary ghost shows. 

I am on a mission to get more prints on the walls of your house, not just the walls of your social media. 

Website:  http://www.charmedphotography.net  

Email:   my_charmedphotography@yahoo.com

Cell number:972-801-8534

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